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Non-domestic water use accounts for approximately 45% of the total water consumption in Hong Kong. In order to enhance water efficiency in the non-domestic sector, The Water Supplies Department and Green Council are organising the ECH2O - Enterprises Cherish Water Campaign (2021-2022) for the commercial sector (including hotels, food production and processing plants, F&B trades, property managements, etc.), which creates a collaboration platform for organisations to cherish water together through participating in various activities below.


ECH2O Charter Signing

We sincerely invite commercial and industrial organisations to commit to cherishing water within their scope of operations.


ECH2O Manager Appointment

The appointed staff will help promote the campaign on his/ her responsible premises

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Cherishing Water Promotion & Education

Promote cherishing water through workshops/ exhibitions/ booths

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ECH2O Charter Recognition

Present certificates to recognise signees of ECH2O Charter and the appointed ECH2O Managers

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Award the commercial and industrial organisations with outstanding performance in cherishing water

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Water Efficient Device Installation Commendation Scheme

Recognise premises where the installation rate of flow controllers or water-efficient devices reaches 90% or more


Green Council is a Tax-Exempt Charity (Ref. No.: 91/6063)

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