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Sustainable Procurement Webinar 2021

World global supply chain put to the test - Will it last?

This webinar aims at exploring the reasons, mechanisms, and consequences of the current rates increase in sea- freight by more than 10 times, as well as the global supply chain in general (Sea transportation, Air transportation, Rail transportation, Truck transportation) currently being put under stress.

Speaker: Mr. Nicolas de LOISY, President, SCMO

Language: English

Sustainable Procurement Webinar 2021 -

Creating positive impacts on SDGs through procurement

This webinar aims at introducing the procurement strategies and practices which could be integrated in procurement and supply chain management for creating positive sustainability impacts and value for your organization. Procurement professionals could be one of the major enablers for contributing to 17 SDGs.

Speaker:  Mr. Felix Lam, Head of Sustainability, Green Council

Language: Cantonese

Webinar : Plastic Rethink: Avoid Burden Shifting & Greenwashing

Date: 20th January 2021 (Wed)

Time: 15:30 - 17:00

Format: Webinar

Language: English

Details: Click Here

English Version Only

主持 : 林偉明先生,環保促進會可持續發展總監
講者 : 
  1. 王詩薇女士,雲頂香港有限公司高級副總裁-採購部
  2. 江耀光先生,香港電燈有限公司合約主管
  3. 林炳華先生,香港物資採購與供銷學會副會長
Supply Chain Sustainability 2020+: What’s IN? What’s OUT?
Topics & Speakers : 
" Don’t just tick the box. Transform procurement through sustainability " 
Ms Di Harn Yeh, Account Executive-Greater China & SE Asia, EcoVadis​
" Global Supply Chain impacts on Sustainability "
Mr. Nicolas de Loisy, President of SCMO - Supply Chain Management Outsource
" Sustainable procurement: How to get stakeholders buy-in?  "
Ms Esther Tsang, Manager, Climate Change & Sustainability Services, EY
" Sustainability: the missing link " 
Mr. Felix Lam, Head of Sustainability, Green Council
English Version Only
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